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September 13, —. October 10, —. October 16, —. However, the fact that this is exclusively a VR game presents some complications. Some fans already miss familiar structure and method of play the series has stuck to in the prior iterations, and are wary of the pricy barrier to entry that accompanies virtual reality. Who knows! Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

I am capable of handling me. I love this post. Going through a real period of transformation right now at the age of twenty, after years of taking in my families negative attitudes, blaming others, and not taking responsibility for myself. How in the dark you can be. Have been on a steady uphill climb for about a year or more thanks to therapy and posts like this remind me that though living your life in misery may have been taught to you by your family, there sure are people not indulging in that nonsense out there.

Peace and love xo. I have read some of your posts and the law of the attraction. Shola Your post on fear really speaks to me. Years ago my wife and I dreamed of living in the Rocky Mountains. We were young and just starting life together in Texas.

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We really wanted to live life in the mountains. After much searching I finally got a job interview in Wyoming. After the interview I started stressing about actually pulling the trigger and making the move. After all, I had a good job and a house and friends in Texas.

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I became fearfull about the possibility of making a mistake by moving. By the time I got the job offer I had decided to play it safe and turn it down. I let fear win. I did not follow my dreams. I was afraid to take a chance. Now it is 20 years later and I still deeply regret letting fear win. The good news is that That dream of mountains did not die. It would not be silenced. A year ago we purchased a home in Montana. We are in the process of selling our house in Texas. We are moving to Montana this summer. I am still very fearful, but this time fear will not win. I will not let it.

After finding and reading this same content over and over to where I can anticipate exactly what any article on it will say I still have not been able to move my feet and actually exact change from doing these things. Please tell me you have written a book?! I stumbled across this asking Google why I keep dreaming that people are trying to kill me. I have never come across anything like this. So real, so close to home. You seem to know exactly what I need to deal with.

Please tell me you have written a book. Thanks Shola for the life-changing post. I have the problem of procrastination. Thank you Shola. I have read it several times in the last few days and shared it on Facebook in my group! You have gained a new raving fan! I am aware of it also. I just dont have the strength to do what I know I need to do. I am paralyzed, watching my life leak away.

Rise and shine, Alyx. Sources confirm new details ahead of Thursday's formal reveal.

It causes me so much pain because I simply cannot do anything about any of it. My body and mind will not cooperate. I ran across your blog while searching for an answer to why I am always being blind sided by parylzing fer that I have died and am living in a mirror image world where everything is the same except everyone in your life is out to get you in some form or fashion. The whole state government in the state where I live is corrupt. It is all about doing what is best for business and making the atmosphere look appealing to other businesses to come here to set up their companies.

And as far as the working man, well they are expendable. I had to give up my fight after becoming extremely mentally ill from being in the system. Other my angel, a 4 lb. Chihuahua who is my angel sent from heaven to watch over me I have been alone building a home for 2 and half years.

But I digress, it seemed that everyone in my life turned toxic.

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Ive never been so scared in my life. If it were not for building this house I am pretty sure I would have institutionalized years ago. But I keep fighting looking for answers as to how to put my life back together and how to deal with the loss of everything that I used to call my life. This was really amazing, Shola. I have a toxic father who abused my mother physically and emotionally when I was young. After that, when we moved here, my parents were separated for a year. And that was hell.

I lived with my mom and things got so bad that last summer, my mom called my dad to live with us. Things are way better now, but what if the one person you need that is supposed to inspire you, to take care of you, who is supposed to support you is the very toxic person you need to cut from your life?

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Believe me, my father is a great dad. He sits around all day while my mom works and provides for all 3 of us. And yet, somehow, without him to do the dishes and help with the dinner or drop me off at tennis practice, things are much worse. What do I do? Thanks for the wonderful post. Im working on 1.

Half-Life Die Already: How I Died and Lived to Tell About It

I used to put a lot and lot of sugarcoats, but now i understand, the very first time people show us how they are, we should believe them. I both lost and found religion that day. But I rearranged my priorities immediately. Struggling with toxic people a bit. We are lousy with them where I come from. I severed many relationships immediately. Easy peasy. Some recognize my weakened state and double down on any attempt from me to part ways. These are the most harmful and I will likely be forced into saying something that makes me feel uncomfortable.