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Bronson was wholly supported and encouraged by his wife, Abigail Marmee in Little Women , to the complete bafflement and increasing frustration of Louisa. Louisa Alcott was devoted to and dominated by her parents, especially her father. His worldview was based on the romanticized and spiritual idea of inherent goodness and perfection of human beings. For many years, Bronson Alcott insisted to his daughter on the need for simple stories for boys and girls about how to overcome selfishness and anger, faults which he constantly pointed out in Louisa.

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Alcott may never have written Little Women at all, had she been more financially successful in the types of gothic fiction she excelled at and enjoyed writing. Beth is the shyest of the sisters and lives a very secluded life.

But Lizzie died in , aged in pain, angry and frightened, resenting the invisible, stifling life that was imposed on her largely by her parents. You may select from the following options or write up to two of your own.

Your parent or leader must approve those you write yourself before you begin. Memorize the sacrament prayers in Doctrine and Covenants , During the sacrament, listen carefully to the prayers and think about what it means to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ and how doing this should affect your actions and decisions.

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Practice keeping your baptismal covenants. Begin by doing something each day to recognize and further develop your divine qualities and to help you always remember the Lord Jesus Christ. After two weeks record your experience in your journal. Obedience is an attribute of the Savior. Strive to be more obedient to your parents.

Fathoming Biblical Womanhood May Require More Than a Year...

Read Luke —51 and John Develop a pattern of obedience as you make a special effort to treat your parents with respect and kindness and do what your parents ask you to do without having to be reminded. After two weeks record in your journal how being more obedient motivated you to want to continue doing so and how it has helped you understand your divine nature and the divine roles of mothers and fathers. Develop your divine qualities. Memorize your favorite verse from one of these passages.

Identify the divine qualities mentioned in all these scriptures and list them in your journal.


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  • “Little Women” idealizes a version of womanliness its own author rejected.

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