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What becomes of our moments spent together and who will know of them in their entirety but us - our youth, the first born, summer days? I think Sam Beam tries to express that idea here. The last stanza shows that their love is eternal. There was an error. General Comment I think it's the representation of love, the way the memories flood back in perfect ideals "Your father's body was Judgement Day" -- mixing personal love for someone with the Image of Christ, relaying love in the ultimate spiritual terms , for someone who's lost the one they love.

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The woman I love quoted this song to me, when she left. I think it could be about a sad breakup after a long relationship, and not necessarily about death. This better explains why his parents would both be present, at the very least. Flag rsbarros on September 28, General Comment this song is a lover's thoughts on how he will be perceived after death. No Replies Log in to reply.

General Comment I really relate to the second verse of this song.

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When he sings: Will you say to them when I'm gone away: "I loved your son for his sturdy arms We both learned to cradle then live without" I really relate to that. I had a girlfriend for half a year and we just broke up about a month ago. She always told me one of the best feelings she had was when I held her. She told me that she loved my arms because they were big, and I guess: sturdy.

So to me it feels that the second verse personally belongs to me. She has learned to live without me now, she has someone else. However, I really have learned to live without her. And it was just when it kind of felt like our love was at it's peak. General Comment yes it its amazing.

To me it conveys a sense of profound joy and love that comes out of the knowledge of death and impermanence. Life and love seem more precious when you know that they will eventually be gone and only memories will be left.

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General Comment I would just add that I don't think it's all necessarily about ways he wants or expects to be remembered. Moments of it feel to me more like fear, either of failing to actually live up to the hopes he's expressing in the song, or just of not being enough. Maybe he would like to be remembered for more than just his sturdy arms, but he's not sure if he's been more.

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The future is not certain, his understanding of her heart is incomplete. He wonders if she sees the relationship the same way he does, and what will stand out to her in decades to come, and whether it's the same as what he's tried to be and to communicate.

General Comment This song means a lot to me. I completely believe that this song is about someone who is the Army.

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We both learned to cradle then live without" I think this about a man who can't express what he feels and wants very well but wanted to show of little bit of himself before he left. And he knew he would leave. Song Meaning I think this song is about lovers, one of whom the man has a terminal illness.

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The first verse is them meeting and falling in love. The second is the woman spending time with the man's parents, recalling things she loved about him his "sturdy arms".

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