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And if those things weren't enough, her devil fruit gives her to ability to turn anyone who thinks she's beautiful to stone.

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Everyone loves a guy with scars, right? The childhood hero who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, Shanks is one of the strongest men in the entire series. You wouldn't guess this at first glance since he has a happy-go-lucky attitude and loves to party. Shanks is one of the Yonko and is greatly respected by the other characters—even by enemies. It's easy to understand why since he will literally give up his left arm to save a friend.

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Not only does Robin have beauty, she has brains too. In fact, it's her intelligence that makes her one of the most wanted women in the world by the World Government. Robin used to be an enemy of the Strawhat Pirates but later joins the crew after Luffy saves her life so she can pursue her dream of uncovering the world's lost history. A formidable swordsman, Zoro was the first member to join the Strawhat Crew.

He's a serious guy with a strong sense of honor despite not being an actual samurai.

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On a constant quest to get stronger, Zoro spends a lot of time training and working out. It's not wasted effort, because you can certainly see the results on his body. Vivi is a woman of many faces. She's first introduced as a member of the criminal organization, Baroque Works. Then it's revealed that she'd infiltrated the group in order to uncover their leader's identity. The reason?

She's actually a princess and Baroque Works was causing trouble for her country. Talk about brave and courageous. Ace is literally so hot, he's on fire.

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His devil fruit ability gives him control over fire and even transforms his body into the element. The adopted older brother of Luffy, Ace takes his role very seriously and considers it his responsibility to protect the younger boy.

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He's a commander under the legendary pirate Whitebeard and bears a tattoo of the jolly roger on his back. In fact, Ace is so proud of his Whitebeard tattoo that he doesn't wear a shirt, making the world a more beautiful place. Another dangerous combination of beauty and brains, Nami serves as the navigator of Luffy's crew. Her amazing cartography skills and ability to read the weather may actually make her the most gifted navigator on the ocean.

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Sly and clever, she has no problem manipulating people into doing what she wants. And if you have a lot of money, be careful of your wallet around her because she'll certainly pick your pocket and you won't notice until it's too late. Watch out for this so-called Surgeon of Death, because he's out to steal your heart. Law has one of the most complicated backstories in One Piece , his role and allegiances changing throughout the series as he attempts to achieve his ultimate goal.

He's a generally a laidback guy, but it's worth noting that he has a vicious streak. One of the biggest surprises of the series was the revelation that underneath the concealing clothes he initially wears, Law has a set of tattoos that are more striking and attractive than Ace's. One Piece is populated by many interesting characters with larger than life personalities. Some are a little strange-looking. Others are pure candy. Hotness isn't just based on physical appeal though. It also depends on attitude and the way other people act around them. These 10 characters embody all three.

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The 6 Hotties of Kill La Kill. All Tags Trending Tags. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. One Piece. Top 10 Hot Girls and Guys from It all depends on the situation. Oda had originally planned to end "One Piece" earlier. However, because of its storyline and characters, the fandom for the anime and manga series kept growing, and in response, Oda's team continued writing.

There is no official end date yet for "One Piece," but Nakano assumes that it might take a while longer.


Considering that "One Piece" first debuted in , it seems that they have resigned themselves to continue the story until or later. Currently, "One Piece" is on its 19th season, with episodes. A "One Piece" special is also scheduled to air on Oct. The teasers released so far indicates that the pair will be locked in a due and that the plot should be consistent to the current Whole Cake Island Arc.

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