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A paper published in the current issue of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine documented the presence of tremolite asbestos in multiple samples of commercial talc products sourced from India and widely sold throughout Southeast Asia. See paper : Asbestos in commercial Indian talc. Their lawyer argued that negligence by Housing Commission contractors resulted in Mr Ingram being exposed to asbestos as a child growing up in a Cowra public housing estate in the late s and early s.

The family of Elizabeth Griggs, who died in April, from the signature asbestos cancer mesothelioma, has launched a legal action claiming that exposure to asbestos materials associated with bunsen Burner use — primarily asbestos mats and impregnated gauzes — which she handled whilst employed at the Wells Cathedral School in Somerset as a lab technician between and caused her illness. According to the Health and Safety Executive, up to asbestos-containing wire gauze [for use with Bunsen burners] had been on sale for a number of years, despite the asbestos ban adopted in See: Science lab technician's family launch legal action to find out if she was killed at 79 by asbestos from school Bunsen burners.

The mine is to be closed as a ban on asbestos production, use and sale is to be implemented pursuant to a court ruling. Officials claim that no one has been injured by occupational asbestos exposures and that the shutdown will negatively impact on the lives of local people. See: Campamento, el pueblo que se niega a renunciar al asbestos [Campamento, the town that refuses to give up asbestos]. Currently, only someone who had been employed in specific companies listed on an official decree has the right to bring such a claim.

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The deceased had been employed from to , during which time she handled asbestos-containing products on a daily basis. She was diagnosed in with mesothelioma and died in , aged The Milan Court of Appeals confirmed the guilt of two former managers of the Fibronit di Broni company in a case first heard by a court in Pavia.

The Court of Appeals reduced their prison sentences from 4 years to 3 years and eight months for Cardinale 74 and from 3 years and 4 months to three years for year old Mo. See: Voghera, pene ridotte ai manager Fibronit [Voghera, penalties reduced for Fibronit managers]. Even though asbestos was banned in Egypt in , cases of asbestos-related diseases are still being diagnosed and the presence of asbestos within the national infrastructure remains an ongoing risk to citizens. In the absence of mandatory asbestos inventories, the deterioration of older buildings creates hazardous conditions for residents as well as workers and building users.

In addition, loopholes to the asbestos ban regulations mean that the import of some asbestos-containing products can continue. A page document produced by the ICA for just this purpose — Rotterdam Convention COP-9 MEETING — — rehashes threadbare arguments, carefully crafted by scientists with links to the asbestos industry, and relaunches attacks on international agencies such as the World Health Organizational and the International Labor Organization, which believe that to protect human life asbestos should be banned.

See: International asbestos lobby campaigns to undermine UN Convention and deny asbestos harm. On March 20, , the Flemish Parliament mandated that prior to the sale of buildings constructed before , an asbestos inventory must be presented. It has been estimated that buildings and infrastructure in the Flemish Region still contain two million tonnes of asbestos, including many schools built in the s and s.

The Flemish government has allocated 7. According to an interview just published, lawyers at the Ronda Collective, Barcelona have worked to obtain recognition and compensation for citizens injured by occupational, domestic and environmental exposures to asbestos for over 30 years. In collaboration with activists from the Association of the Handicapped and those affected by Asbestos Region of Murcia , they progress efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about the asbestos hazard.

The aim of the event was to raise asbestos awareness not only amongst children but also amongst their parents and grandparents. Awards were presented to 27 students. The Polish government has set as the deadline for asbestos decontamination of the national infrastructure.

In a ruling handed down by the US Supreme Court on March 19, , by a majority the Court ruled that under maritime law manufacturers had a duty to warn about the dangers posed by asbestos subsequently added onto their products by third parties. The case was brought on behalf of Kenneth McAfee and John DeVries, two Navy veterans, who were exposed to asbestos on ships and developed cancer. As the decision, unfortunately, is limited to maritime law, to be covered an injured party must have been a sailor or employee of a maritime shipping company.

Devries, individually and as administratrix of the estate of Devries, deceased, et al. The infamous West Australian town of Wittenoom, formerly home to thousands of people working at the blue asbestos mine and mill situated there, will be shut down permanently under provisions of the Wittenoom Closure Bill which will enable compulsory acquisition of the remaining 17 privately owned lots by the government. Politicians have expressed the hope that a settlement can be reached to forestall evictions but one way or the other the time has finally come for Wittenoom.

It has been estimated that three million tonnes of asbestos tailings remain in Wittenoom Gorge and throughout the surrounding area. See: State Government to close down Wittenoom. Campaigners working to address the widespread contamination of French schools have highlighted the urgent need for these audits to prevent future endangerment of students and staff.

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After traces of asbestos were found on samples taken of debris from the Morandi Bridge — which collapsed in Genoa in August killing 43 people — plans to use explosives to demolish the remaining structure have been abandoned. A request from trade unionists has asked the public prosecutor to investigate the presence of asbestos on the site.

See: Ponte Morandi, anche dai vigili del fuoco un esposto sulla presenza di Amianto [Ponte Morandi, also from the fire brigade a statement on the presence of asbestos]. The second issue in a two part series about the global chlorine industry has been published that focuses on the situation in Asian countries. Only 5 of the 60 plants in the Phase 2 study used asbestos diaphragm technology along with PFAS per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances membrane cells to produce chlorine.

One of them was in Saudi Arabia and the other four were in China, where asbestos diaphragms were the most common in chlor-alkali technology until the s. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC has reported that dozens of refugees to Australia now living in the Fly Camp settlement on the island of Nauru are being exposed to large quantities of asbestos stored in open shipping containers.

Last week, US Representative Debbie Dingell introduced a bill that would mandate makers of cosmetics marketed to children to provide evidence to the Food and Drug Administration FDA that they are asbestos free or include a written warning to parents about the potential risk. Representative Jan Schakowsky, a co-sponsor of the bill, said that Americans are unaware that personal care products are among the least-regulated items on the market and that the FDA lacks the authority to force the recall of toxic products.

See: Kids cosmetics would carry toxin warning label under Dingell bill. On March 15, , it was reported that a craze for unusual photos has driven users of various social media platforms to visit the toxic Western Australian town of Wittenoom, the location of the defunct crocidolite blue asbestos mine which has been responsible for thousands of deaths amongst former townspeople as well as mine and mill workers.

Photos of visitors posing in the town and nearby gorges show them walking on asbestos waste piles and breaking into mine shafts. After the asbestos ban adopted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was overturned by the Ministry of Justice, action on the human health hazard posed by asbestos has been temporarily forestalled by legal proceedings.

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In February , the use of asbestos-cement containing pipes for water delivery and sewage was prohibited as per restrictions to state building codes introduced by the Ministry of Regional Development. In testimony by medical experts and health campaigners given on March 12, to the US House Oversight and Reform Committee, politicians were warned of the human health hazard posed by asbestos fibers in talc-based cosmetics and personal care products.

On March 14, the Plenary Assembly of Madrid confirmed that the Metro of Madrid had taken decades to address the issue of asbestos contamination. Asbestos, a carcinogen feared throughout the world, remains a key resource in former Canadian mining towns where entrepreneurs plan to reclaim minerals from mountains of asbestos waste.

We went and played in the mountains of [asbestos] sand. We were always in it and there were never any problems. Giannasi explained the paradox whereby even though the Supreme Court declared the asbestos trade unconstitutional, one of its judges took action to allow the mining of asbestos for export to continue.

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See: Fernanda Giannasi e sua luta para banir o Amianto [Fernanda Giannasi and her fight to ban asbestos]. Even more than a decade after asbestos was banned in Spain, individuals in communities throughout the country are still being exposed to high levels of asbestos contamination from industrial processing, waste disposal and the widespread use of toxic products. People from Toledo, Murcia, Seville and Madrid interviewed for the feature referenced below spoke of lives lost, health endangered and areas blighted by continued asbestos exposures at home, in schools and at work.

See: Statement from FDA… on tests confirming a finding of asbestos contamination in certain cosmetic products…. On March 10, it was reported from Karachi that, as a result of charges laid in , the Environmental Protection Tribunal had indicted the top executive of an asbestos-cement pipe factory in Manghopir for causing environmental pollution, and the director general of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency SEPA for failing to act. After a complaint had been made regarding pollution arising from the manufacturing operations and the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency had ordered enquiries to be made, no action was taken by the SEPA official.

The proceedings were adjourned after the accused pleaded not guilty; the case will go to trial. See: Pipe factory chief, Sepa DG indicted for causing health hazard. See: Asbestos has haunted Scotland for decades — our children are still at risk. The families of three workers 2 from the dockyards and 1 from a hospital who died from mesothelioma due to workplace asbestos exposures have won lawsuits in the Malta Court. Judge Joseph R.

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Court rules right of applicants to protection of life had been breached. A sniffer dog alerted the officials to the presence of the drug. Almost all of the aboriginal men who transported shipments of blue asbestos from the mine at Wittenoom Gorge have died from the asbestos cancer mesothelioma, as have thousands of other people who worked at the now infamous mine in Western Australia or lived in the mine town. Small-scale mining began in the late s in the gorges near Mulga Downs and from production under the Colonial Sugar Refining Company CSR continued for a further 22 years.

None of the workers at the mine or people in the community were informed of the human hazards of exposures to asbestos. See: How mesothelioma devastated this Indigenous community in the Pilbara. The SCMM highlights the decrease in the workforce and rolling stock including 50 trains which are out of service due to asbestos contamination.

Thousands of workers and members of the public had died in Osasco from asbestos-related diseases and it was in Osasco in that the Brazilian Association of the Asbestos-Exposed was formed. Until such time as the authorities in India report on the tests they are currently undertaking, no action will be taken in Bangladesh to forestall or curtail imports.

The potential risk posed by the continued presence of asbestos-containing products in hundreds of schools in Algeria was the subject of a question asked in Parliament. The Judge ruled that the MoD had been negligent in failing to prevent toxic workplace exposures.

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See: Amianto, ministero condannato [Asbestos, ministry condemned]. The hospice which provides caring for the injured is at the heart of the community and undertakes outreach work with schools and the public to ensure that the history of industrial abuse caused by the operations of the Eternit asbestos-cement factory remains part of the daily discourse. This article highlights the work of healthcare and other professionals who provide the care and outlines plans to increase the services on offer and the compensation to the victims.

See: Reportage.

Read PDF Tot contat (A TOT VENT-RÚST) (Catalan Edition)

In Casale Monferrato, among the "angels" of asbestos]. AVAQ calls for an immediate lowering of the exposure limit to 0. Amongst the asbestos-exposed factory workers, most of whom were men, the majority died from mesothelioma although some died from asbestosis; however, each of the 73 women, whose exposures were either environmental or via household contact, died from mesothelioma. See: Impact of asbestos on public health: a retrospective study on a series of subjects with occupational and non-occupational exposure to asbestos during the activity of Fibronit plant Broni, Italy.

The Attorneys General AGs from 15 US states are petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to introduce a mandatory reporting rule that will require US asbestos importers to furnish the EPA with more data on its use; currently, asbestos importers are exempt from having to provide the EPA with information about imports of raw asbestos or products containing it. We urge Acting Administrator Wheeler to issue a rule that will protect the lives of thousands of workers, families and children in Massachusetts and across the country.

We hope that MiST will accelerate advances in extending survival and quality of life for patients with this aggressive cancer. On January 29, , U. The process by which Canada banned asbestos and the multiple exceptions which the regulations allow are the subject of a blog by Canadian activist Fe De Leon who highlighted exemptions for the: processing of asbestos mining waste in Quebec; nuclear industry till ; chlor-alkali industry for 11 years. One hundred and thirty-four schools in the Murcia Region of Spain have asbestos-cement roofing.

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An alert has been issued over the potential hazard posed by deteriorating asbestos products in schools in Western Australia WA. See: High risk asbestos in WA schools. On April 12, , the latest of several Italian trials against international asbestos businessmen is due to commence in a court in Naples. He will be tried in the Naples Court of Assizes which consists of two professional judges and six lay judges. The Court has jurisdiction to judge crimes with a maximum penalty of at least 24 years imprisonment such as terrorism and murder.

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See: Eternit ex-CEO indicted in asbestos-linked deaths. See: Ex-shipyard workers awarded compensation for asbestos exposure. Five brands of thermos flasks containing asbestos, a substance banned in Kuwait, were being sold in Kuwait according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry MOCI ; following an alert issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the MOCI took a variety of actions which included summoning the representatives of the importing companies to Ministry headquarters; initiating legal action to punish the contravention of import prohibitions and prevent the imports of additional contaminated goods.