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You have to enter its world. It demands a certain level of concentration to do so. You have to train yourself to that concentration. Maybe think of it as a stairway. To get to your book, to make contact with the characters and situation, to capture the rhythm of the language, the gist of the scene, the way it fits into the larger arc, you have to climb a few steps. Suddenly effort is required. Effort is pain.

Pain is not your friend, not this kind of pain. Via pain, doubt, fear, self-loathing, stasis, heavy legs, and halitosis enter your life.

Your skin hurts, your hair hurts, the little whatever-it-is between your nostrils hurt. You have the energy of a cat on a couch. Inertia is your destiny, your tragedy, your one-way ticket to where you already are. That is why the easy way is the best way. Another helpful tip: F research! I say this, knowing that my works are thought to be well-researched and I am proud of the research in them.

You can do the research later. You are selling narrative not background. Make it up. Jam it with placeholders. At that stage you need momentum, not precision. Next station of the cross: Wait for it to get good. It may not be good at first. Hoo, boy, do I know this one! At one point Point of Impact was pages long, mostly meetings and gunfights.

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  • “Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!” — Henry Miller.
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No plot, no caper, no characters. It was a catastrophe. But because I had such great faith in my—no, actually, I had no great faith in anything.

#1 Novelty vs. Sameness

But I kept hacking away, even though I was deep in the slums of suck city because What Else? It was the only book I had. It was that or nothing. And gradually, each bloody step after another, it finally improved until it was at last above the Mendoza Line. You believe that in the end, the numbers whatever they would be in our business will show that except for that O-for in May, you had a pretty good season.

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  6. Finally: Writer, forgive thyself. You may write crap for years, decades, eons before your brain gets tired of being so mediocre. Numbly, you must do the necessary.

    How to Start

    Keep on slugging. Forward the light brigade. You can always fix it later. When people come to me because they are thinking of writing a book, one of the major reasons they cite for holding off is the fear that nobody will actually care what they have to say. These are all quite normal fears, and to have fears is normal, but you need to let them go and just go with your message. I believe the sweet spot of writing a typical business book or self-help book around 40, words should take about three to four months. I believe in writing every single day, seven days a week, for at least 15 minutes, whether you feel like it or not.

    5 Reasons You Should Never Write a Book – A Frog in the Fjord

    Too many things crop up, we distract ourselves, we put it off because we feel blocked or have limiting beliefs. Get an accountability buddy, join a writing group, or get a specialist Book Coach. After training and qualifying as a coach, this is exactly why I decided to focus my business purely on Book Coaching. Helping women achieve that milestone is such an honour — and I get to be the support that I wanted when I wrote my book. If you want to apply for a Book Clarity Call with me , to talk about the book you are ready to write now, please do so here.

    Just click here to tell me where to send it!

    Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. You're ready to write a book but don't know where to start? Many women I speak to experience the same thing. How to find your message. What keeps you awake at night? What do you love reading about, thinking about, talking about, teaching? What lights your fire? Write the book you wish already existed about your industry Talk about your biggest failure and your biggest learning What is your biggest regret in business or life?

    What would you encourage others to do differently? Just go for an introduction, beginning, middle and end. Still having trouble?

    Why You Should NOT Write A Book

    Think about your strengths, your gifts, your genius. What is easy for you but hard for other people? Maybe you could write about that? What your audience wants vs What you want to say. Always consider your audience when you are deciding what to write. They are all potential readers! This will help tune your message and your content. What structure or genre should your book be?

    Creative Non-fiction also known as literary nonfiction or narrative nonfiction is non-fiction written in the style of a novel. I like this category and you can write a book which is a combination of memoir and subtle self-help with this style. Self-help or self-development is in a category of its own these days and usually centred around a theory of popular psychology. A self-help book can be written in different formats, and largely, you can choose which way to present your information.

    Business books are essentially in another genre of their own, with multiple sub-genres. They generally include information about running businesses, including management, financial, marketing, etc, and are likely to include step-by-step instructions. Academic writing is generally impersonal in its tone, written for a critical and informed audience, based on closely investigated knowledge, and intended to reinforce or challenge concepts or arguments.

    Overlapping genres. Should you plan it or just start writing? I create an outline with all my clients as part of my Book Coaching Program. This way, we can look over the outline critically and see if anything is missing. Will anyone actually read it, anyway?